Dr. Toner has been a lifesaver for me. When I first met with Danielle in 2008 I could hardly walk because my back would seize up and be extremely painful. Just one consultation and treatment later I felt like a new person. Danielle is rare in her profession as she takes as much time as is necessary to get to the bottom of your ailment. She’s a true healer.” —Annette O.


“I have been seeing Dr. Toner for approximately 5 months in order to address migraine headaches caused by TMJ, sinus problems, lack of sleep, etc.   Since I started working with Dr. Toner, my headaches are far less frequent, less severe and shorter in duration than they were previously and my overall health has really improved as well!”  —Michele M.


After suffering a pretty severe whiplash, I was treated by Dr. Toner for three months. She used a variety of methods including adjustment, soft tissue manipulation, and acupuncture. What impressed me the most was her holistic approach to healing. She considered not only my physical injury, but also the mental and emotional effect of the accident. I feel strongly that was an important factor in my healing process.” F. Smith


“I truly trust Dr. Toner and feel thankful that I have someone in my life I can go to whenever my health is not up to snuff. I started to see Danielle for a back problem, but find that anytime I have something else, whether it is something as simple as a bruise on my foot or mono or the flu, she has the perfect remedies and advice to get me back to health.  Dr. Toner is incredibly knowledgeable, experienced, and an all-around warm and kind person.”  Nicole


Let me tell you about Dr. Toner. I’ve known her for eight years and she’s always a pleasure: always professional and always striving to learn new techniques to better her patients. I come in a mess and she always straightens me out, LOL. She’s not one to tell you what you want to hear, she’ll tell you what you need to be told, upfront and honest. I would trust no one else.Suzie


Dr. Toner provides excellent results and has a wonderful grasp on the workings of the human body. You can expect a quality experience from an exceptional person.Greg D.


“Dr. Toner is extremely well educated in both traditional U.S. medicine and “alternative” healing practices. I appreciate her respect for my aversion to drug proliferation and value her advice and skills in alternative healing methods. She has helped me considerably with minimizing the effects of aging and treating shoulder and back pain. Additionally, she provided me with great recommendations when I needed a surgeon for my knee replacement. She has to be one of the best and most knowledgeable healing facilitators in the area.” —Ben B.