Dr. Toner with baby

With my grandson, Trystin

Dr. Toner’s formal education includes

  • Registered Nurse, R.N.
  • Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, DC
  • Licensed Acupuncturist, LAc


In addition she’s certified in kinesiotaping, has studied advanced nutritional strategies in autoimmune diseases, chronic pain and fibromyalgia management and menopause and other estrogen-related women’s issues. She’s lectured on health and wellness topics and taught classes at the Wellness and Massage Training Institute in Illinois.

Black dog with white/gray muzzle

Gemini right after acupuncture




Because of her background and personal journey, Dr. Toner has developed great understanding of many human conditions. With more than 25 years in practice she’s a seasoned and deeply insightful practitioner who treats many people with chronic conditions who’ve found little help in western medicine approaches.

Indiana License # 08002322A Chiropractic

Indiana License # 81000087A Acupuncture